It doesn’t get any better than this...
It doesn’t get any better than this...
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Top 5 family barbecue recipes

Barbecue season is the perfect excuse for a family party. Discover our best ever pulled pork, fully-loaded sweet potatoes and sides for sharing
barbecue medley spread
Treat your family to a summer of fabulous barbecue recipes with our top five sunshine-inspired dishes. You can even pick your perfect bit of barbecue hardware for every sunny break in the weather with our handy review of the best sets on offer. 
We've got meaty medleys, chicken gyros and hearty veggie barbecued sweet potato jackets to satisfy hungry kids and famished adults alike. Also, make sure your party goes without a hitch with our guide to barbecuing safely.
Whether you like something spicy or want a cooler option for the kids, you can find it here. 

Easiest ever pulled pork 

Pulled pork
This is the simplest recipe for succulent pulled pork you will ever use. Make a big batch of this subtly smoky, sweet pork and pack into burger buns to meet demand. This recipe doesn't use any tricky measurements or fancy kitchen kit, so get stuck in! Try serving with our simple herbed potato salad. 
Chicken gyros 

Chicken gyros
Everyone loves a wrap stuffed to bursting with all their favourite sides and trimmings. These chicken gyros skewers make a great base to a customisable meal. The marinated chicken in this Greek-style dish delivers plenty of flavour and is deliciously tender. Try serving with our grilled & filled flatbreads.
Crispy sweet potatoes with chickpeas and tahini yogurt

Every barbecue needs a hearty veggie main that even meat eaters will be envious of. These barbecued jackets are the answer. The creamy tahini and chickpea filling with crunchy pomegranate seeds is the perfect complement to the sweet potato flesh. You can also pair it with our herby couscous with citrus & pomegranate dressing. 

Texas barbecue medley
Once you've tried slow cooking your barbecue dishes, you'll never go back. This Texas barbecue medley has it all; chicken, ribs, pork shoulder and an addictive brine and rub mix to add serious flavour. Serve with our cheesy corn on the cob for a whole lot of Deep Southern comfort. 
Beef and red pepper burgers

Beef & red pepper burgers
Pack the veg into your standard barbecue fare with these beef and red pepper burgers. Carrot and roasted red pepper add flavour and extra nutritonal benefits to these kid-friendly treats. If you want something with a little crunch, pair with our bread & butter pickles.

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